RE Equity Partners (REEP) is a Sweden based investment manager with a strong focus on impact investments within technology, real estate and Infrastructure within the context of cities and municipalities (urban areas) so as to help them become resilient and sustainable.


Urbanization will be the defining trend over the next several decades. Today, 50% of the world’s 7 billion people live in cities, and, by 2050, this will rise to 70%. Cities are home to extreme deprivation and environmental degradation with one billion people living in slums. At the same time, roughly 75% of global economic activity is urban, and as the urban population grows, so will the urban share of global GDP and investments.


RE Equity Partners see cities and municipalities as key pillars to achieve SDGs and has therefore positioned itself to facilitate critical investments required to make urban areas more resilient. Our strategy is to use a systems approach to tackle the various issues facing urban areas by investing in critical infrastructure and technology necessary for urban regions to provide services for their residents in a sustainable and resilience way.


REEP has a global-local approach when investing, our idea is to connect innovative technologies with cities and urban areas in need of them along with a large pool of private capital looking to allocate funds to high impact projects but struggling to find bankable and investable projects. We have together with other partners developed a unique approach on how to work with municipality and city projects and how to connect and blend private and public capital.


The objective for REEP is to contribute to efforts to accelerate delivery of UN SDGs and transition to a regenerative and inclusive economy as required for peace, human-security and wellbeing. Our team consists of investment professionals, M&A lawyers, real estate and infrastructure professionals, sustainable investors and corporate finance professionals.







RE Equity Partners AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but has team and partners spread out across major financial hubs globally which gives us the flexibility to move fast on deals within our focus areas. 


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